Abuse Claims

Cooper Legal is recognised as having particular expertise in abuse claims. At present, we are acting for over 1500 clients who are bringing abuse claims.

  • Cooper Legal takes claims for clients (individuals and whānau groups) who have been sexually, physically and/or psychologically abused and/or neglected while in care.
  • Since 1995, Cooper Legal has helped clients bring claims against various government departments and other organisations for abuse and/or neglect experienced: at home (where social workers were involved), when clients were taken into care, at schools (including Residential Schools), at Health Camps, in Faith-based care (this includes by religious people and/or in religious placements or schools), in psychiatric hospital care (prior to July 1993) and in prisons.
  • For those who were abused in care after 25 September 1990, Cooper Legal will also rely on the rights provided under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.
  • For those we are unable to help, we will endeavour to refer to another lawyer or lawyers who may be able to.

We maintain regular contact with other lawyers who undertake similar work and will refer clients on to those lawyers if, for any reason, we are unable to assist.